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About the CHEARS iCalendar

The CHEARS Branch iCalendar is compatible with Apple's iCal and other applications that can read V-Card formatted calendar files. There are two different ways you can go about downloading this calendar.

Method 1

You can 'subscribe' to the CHEARS calendar and automatically update it regularly automatically. First, select Calendar->Subscribe... from the menu bar (alternatively you can hit Option+Apple+S). A Dialog box will open up. In the Calendar URL field, paste this url: You can optionally choose to automatically update this calendar every 15 minutes, every hour, every day, or once a week (use the checkbox and pull-down list right below the URL field). You can leave the "Remove Alarms" and "Remove To-Do Items" checked if you want, but the CHEARS calendar doesn't use those features. When you're ready, hit Subscribe.

Method 2

To download the calendar, use the link below. You may have to right-click (or option-click) and choose "Download Link to Disk". When the download is complete, open up iCal and, from the menu bar, chose "File"-> "Import". A new window will open propting you for the type of calendar to import. Make sure 'Import an iCal file' is selected before you hit the 'Import' button. A file dialog will open where you will need to navigate to where you saved the chears.ics' file. Once you have located the 'CHEARS.ics', highlight it and click the 'Import' button. The CHEARS Branch calendar events will then be imported into iCal.

The calendar file is updated the minute the calendar on the CHEARS Branch web-site. If you're going to download this often, it's probably a good idea to delete the old CHEARS calendar in iCal before you import the new one.

Download CHEARS Cal

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