The cyan-outlined area is the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (CBW). Click anywhere within that area to see a list of the 8 major drainage basins that feed into the Bay. Zoom to a site of CHEARS activities by selecting from the popup list beneath the map, then click the Zoom button. Refresh the map (Cmd-r in Firefox) to Zoom Out again. For driving directions to those sites from your location, jump to another of our maps. Red diamonds within the CBW mark confluences in our Chesapeake Bay Watershed. These are calibration flowsites for the Chesapeake Bay Program's Phase 5 watershed model. Click any red diamond to see a bubble with name, coordinates, and a link to the USGS data for that site. Gold diamonds mark the sites of CHEARS workshops and other CHEARS activities. The light blue line shows a kayak route from Saxton PA (red diamond), near Wild Meadows Farm (gold diamond), along the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River to the Susquehanna confluence at Duncannon PA, to the Chesapeake Bay, across to the Delaware Bay, then down the inland waterway to the Peace Smuggler home of CHEARS on Chincoteague Island, VA (gold diamond). Double click anywhere between the markers in the above map to center and zoom on that point, and drag the map to pan. You can also use controls on the left to zoom and pan, or drag the rectangle within the overview map at lower right. To change from satellite map mode to physical terrain map or normal map mode, select "Terrain" or "Map" button at upper right, then "Satellite" to return to the original satellite view. When in satellite mode you can turn labels off and on with a checkbox. In the textbox below the map, enter a town and state, and click the button to jump to that address. You can enter a specific street address if you like. The map will be centered on that specific address, which will be increasingly visible as you zoom in by clicking "+" several times, or dragging the slider. Double-clicking anywhere on the map zooms you itoward the point at whichyou double-clicked. As you zoom, distance scale at lower left adjusts automatically. Refreshing the page returns to the original view.

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